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Round 4, Challenge 9: The Final Challenge

Challenge 9: The Final Challenge

For our last LDWS challenge, contestants will, once again, submit two entries. Anonymity will not be maintained, which means that for the first time, readers will know who they're voting for.

For the first drabble, we'll continue the tradition of having the participants challenge each other. Each of the final two must come up with a challenge for her opponent and email it to shmexsay@yahoo.com by Friday, June 13 at 11 PM EST. This is to ensure easy back-and-forth discussion of the challenge if needed. Once I've checked the challenges and deemed them equal in difficulty, I'll post them to the community. Both contestants must then post their drabbles as a comment on this post by Friday, June 20 at 11 PM EST.

The second drabble is, once again, free choice. Contestants may submit their free choice drabble any time between now and the June 20 deadline.

- Challenges for the first drabble must be emailed to shmexsay@yahoo.com, NOT posted as a comment. The deadline for challenges is Friday, June 13 at 11 PM EST.
- Drabbles must be between 100-499 words.
- Comments on this post will be screened. Please comment with your submissions and the following template:

- Both entries are due by Friday, June 20 at 11 PM EST.
- Please do not post your entry anywhere else until voting is over.
- If you have any questions regarding the challenge, feel free to comment on this post with them. All questions will be left unscreened in case anyone else is curious about the same thing.
- To ensure that all challenges and entries are turned in on time, please let me know if you need an extension. I am willing to extend both deadlines a few days if needed.