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Last Drabble Writer Standing

An HP Drabble Writing Competition

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Welcome to HP Last Drabble Writer Standing! The concept for ldws is similar to the concept behind ultimate_lims, except that contestants will submit themed Harry Potter drabbles rather than icons.

This community is currently run by _pinkchocolate.


1. You must be a member of the community to enter.

2. A challenge will be posted every Sunday night, and the entries for that challenge will be due the next Friday at 11:00 pm EST. The drabbles will be posted anonymously within a few hours of the deadline.

3. Readers will have until noon EST on Sunday to vote for their favourite and least favourite drabbles. Results will remain screened.

4. The least favourite votes will be subtracted from the favourite votes. Example: Someone who receives 3 + votes and 5 - votes will have a total of -2 points.

5. Every week, the bottom three contestants will be announced, American Idol style. The contestant with the least points is then eliminated.

5. The winner will receive a shiny personalised banner which displays his/her achievements. Additionally, the contestant who receives the most viewer votes every week will receive a viewer's choice banner.

5. Participants and viewers alike must have an open mind to all ships and ideas, including slash. Ratings for drabbles can be as high as R.

6. Drabbles must be 100-499 words.

7. Contestants may not post their drabbles anywhere until after the results are posted. Failure to maintain anonymity will result in disqualification.

8. Do not sign up unless you're absolutely sure you'll have time to participate. This competition runs for several weeks, and you'll be required to turn in a drabble for each weekly challenge until you're eliminated. If you drop out in the middle of the current round, you'll be banned from participating in the next round.

8. Please put "Albus Severus Potter" somewhere in your sign-up comment so we know you've read the rules.

Round four sign-ups are now closed.

Previous Winners
Round 1: winner, argosy; runner-up, crucio_4_coffee
Round 2: winner, hotspur18; runner-up, strigoia
Round 3: winner, lady_game; runner-up, marieldraconis

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